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NTWL-06/07 (Timo)

Timo is a modern, high quality intelligent LED fitting equipped with optional controlling devices. It is used for lighting corridors, passageways, staircases and for decorative lighting of furniture.

Various control options are available : RGB color and intesity control via remote control, emergency or sustained lighting using built-in batteries during interruption and on/off radio receiver. IP44

  • Long life
    40,000 hour lifetime and uses just 0.56 watts
  • Choice of light colour
    Available in white, warm white, red, green and blue as well as RGB colour changing
  • Battery back-up
    Equipped with built-in battery back-up to operate constantly during power supply interruption (12VDC version only)
  • Radio receiver
    Can be equipped with built-in radio receiver to cooperate with selected transmitters of EXTA FREE wireless control system
  • RGB radio control
    RGB versions in option can be equipped with embedded radio controller to cooperate with selected transmitters of EXTA FREE wireless system and with dedicated RGB P-260 remote control


DEL Color

  • See the spec sheet


  • -Built in battery back up
  • -Built in radio controller RGB
  • -Built in radio receiver
  • -Solar power operation
  • -Standard


  • Aluminium
  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Old gold
  • Stainless
  • White


  • Adhesive 3M on back
  • Glue
  • Screw


  • 12VDC


  • 0.56W