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Hi effiency tape RGBW 4 chips in 1 NTRGBW-300

NTRGBW-300 linear source consists  with a tape 4 chips in 1  and measures 14mm in width. It includes 60 LEDs per meter for a total draw of 19.2 watts producing an intense and reliable light source where a white light and RGB source and pastel colors are required.  It is an excellent choice for  in work spaces, hallways and reception areas. Create a decor or set a mood with the creation of a specific ambiance. 

  • Suitable for outdoor use
    Can be fitted with an IP67 rated silicone tube casing for use in wet conditions (WP)
  • Installation
    The NTRGBW-300 must absolutely be installed on a surface that allows heat dissipation or it must be inserted in one of our many LEDBAR aluminum profiles available to allow heat transfert and thermal management.


See the spec sheet

  • See the spec sheet


  • 12VDC
  • 24VDC